Oct 29, 2010

Growing up of a boy

Looking back it's almost 1 yr I got my phone yay!!! Hahah and still working fine and still kicking! This means Apple did a good job! And so far only iPhone 4 came out after a year that I purchased. Compared to other brand like Nokia or Sony, it might had more different new model along 1 yr time frame. Good job to Steve Job!

One of the many things that I love abt my phone was the flexibility and convenient of blogging with my phone... Which this post I am doing it now :)

I look through all my past photos that I had captured here on the phone I can immediately load it to my post easy right? No need to transfer to computer and post it :) so here what I'm going to do is to walk u through a journey of Clement's picture in my phone. Some from other camera that mms over some direct from this phone :)

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