Nov 14, 2010

Happy 1 yr old

Today mark the day or him completing his 1st yr.... Time really flies. Everything seem happen yesterday when he still being hold and hugs now he had grown strong and noisy :)

He had out grown his little bathtub and he still use it :) he had outgrown alot of his bb suit which were pass down from friends as well as sisters

He had always smiling and now with cheeky face when he got some tricks in mind :) I'm glad that I'm at his side for most of the time in his growing up period. A good trade off for the past 365 days :)

Although we didn't throw him a party but we did gave him a cake. Mommy had bake a cheese cake and some banana muffins. Decorate by some Milo jelly :) a small party set for him with birthday hat and some Mickey mouse sets ;)

His Aunty flew in from Singapore just to see him blow his first candle. And my sisters and her children all were there to celebrate with him.

14/11/2010 :) will be counting more to come.


Ah Tze said...

Nice cake! Happy Birthday Clement!

Michele said...

Happy Birthday, Clement!

Julia said...

Happy birthday dear Clement boy! From Uncle Mark, Aunt Julia and Caris.

ablogaway said...

I like the cake! Great job Mommy. Happy birthday Clement!

Adventurer said...

Thanks for the wishes :) stay tune for more...