Dec 25, 2010

Look back..

Many times I often give myself a space to reflect back WHAT IF... I'm not sure about you all, sometimes I'm a bit scared if I didn't took the path I'm taking now...

Also there r times where I look at those that having flying colors as well as at their peak so did I took the wrong path? I do amaze if their way of living and I look at it and what if I'm in their shoes... :)

It's a fun process and a great adventure :) try it out... Got to caution u as some ppl might end up envy of things that they can't get.. And might end up tangle urself into self destruction...

Life don't compare.. We live our life the way we did.. That makes u who u r and what u r... The purpose of life ... If we continue to compare this world is not fair... Nothing is fair if u start to compare as we only see what we see and we don't live double or triple life that we hv same brain or same judgement...

So it's you that matter :) God love everyone and He had given you a choice that u made each n everyday. Choice that made we all special from others. U matter alot to Him and no matter what happen, He still love you.

On the last 5 days to new year, I wish everyone here had a blessed Christmas... And a wonderful new year ahead. Use the remaining days of 2010 to reflect what had gone well and what not. Look forward to2011 and set what do you want to achieve in 2011. May it be self improvement, taking up class, go for special function, start up new venture, have more savings, visit friends, go holiday, quit smoking, or just a plain plan of start learning new dishes :) think about it and it's a choice you made there n then that shape you.

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