Apr 22, 2011


Sarawak state election just wrap up... Seem like the ruling party still holding a strong majority... Is that a sign of the current ruling govt will still take place in up coming general election? Or we are seeing a change in new govt? All depend on the people... Hope there r no money politic in coming election. And we will see the real color. :) will Malaysia still have hope? Or it is going to rot ?
Penang had been seeing change since 2008... 3 yrs past.. We see alot of changes in our life. Lots of good idea came out from the Penang govt.... Just if the federal react as the same... Malaysia will be alot better.

I'm observing the neighbor country general election as well... They hv alot of new faces as their line up... If they got elected.. They going to be the new blood that pass down from the experienced ppl :)

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