Jan 15, 2012

She is Here!

YES finally... she is here!!!Introducing Esther Chew into our Chews family.

Her arrival are indeed a blessing and she had been helping us to level up our faith with Jesus.

Will try to put it down the entire incident as polite as possible as well as protecting all parties that are involved.

On the other hand, Happy New Year!!! Happy 2012!

As for Clement.. he is a caring big brother. He admire his sister, care for his sister, love his sister.

We as parents should also take into consideration of their feeling. Not forgeting their needs as toddler... as well as their inner little heart...

For me as daddy... I got to try my best to fulfill their needs as well as make sure I dont overly excert control over him. (got to remind myself that many times)

Ok here are the photos.. :)

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