Apr 4, 2012

It had been a while...

With the new addition to our family, life had been a little bit overwhelm with activities....
The boy slowly growing up in his own way that we don't want to miss a single moment.
He start going to school at the age of 2 yrs 3months... A bit early but that's the best choice given the limited option we had... Thank God all turn out good till today. It was a tough but a good process to go through and we experience separation anxiety from him.

Now Clement is having a better time at school and it also mean he is getting cheeky in school. His class only a few of them which is good as they are quite young n need attention :)

As for Esther she grow really fast! Almost 3 months since she was born. Like Clement she is very active and talks / shout when she is not heard.
Interesting right? She does hv my hair! I wonder if it is a good sign hahahha :D

So... Clement had his first Disney show at Pisa. It was 50/50 as half way through Clement got cranky and he starts to be destructive. But I guess he likes the show as a whole. We did prepare him with a crash course on Disney character. He loves them now. Beside Mickey and friends that he know them since young, he also learn abt little mermaid... Beauty and the beast... Toy story woody and buzz lightyears ...Peter pan and captain hook... Pinocio ... Alice in wonderland... And many more... He had a great time there while papa had a tiring time hahaha :)

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Ah Tze said...

come to Singapore, he will like Universal Studio!!