Jul 10, 2012

Active child

People that know my son know he is active. He is so active that we need to divert his energy to something that can drain him off. Sports and some activities before he goes to bed at night. Recent night had been challenging for both of us as the small one need to sleep but he still very alert. So in the end most of the nights ended not quite fun for him. He was faced with the rod as we said he need to sleep... But it's not the solution. So I try to get some help from the expert...tried to set boundaries without using any rod :) first night it works! He stay in the bed and by 1 hr later he was sleeping! We did talk and he was doing his own thing playing with his toys as well as counting and singing... Then the noise get less as a sign of his tiredness and finally before he doze off he ask for blanket to cover him n off he goes ... Superb! So now for me .... Need to make it a routine for him :) make sure he follows :)

Below was what I got from the Internet:

Step 1: Don't worry about ADHD and stay in the moment. Solve each problem one at a time. For example, when your son wakes up at 5:00 in the morning, explain to him that he cannot get out of bed until the sun comes up. It's still night time. If he needs to have a tantrum because he's frustrated by that option, that's ok. Give him a few books or a stuffed animal and let him know you'll be back when it's day time.

Similarly, at bed time, it isn't his choice what time he goes to bed. It is his choice if he falls asleep or not. He may lie in his bed with books or a stuffed animal. He may sing to himself but he may not get out of the bed (or, if you choose, out of his room). Decide his bedtime (whatever you choose, make it no later than 9:00). Stick to a predictable routine that helps him to transition from the busyness of his day and reaffirms that you love him and are looking forward to great things tomorrow. If it takes two weeks to teach him your new expectations, so be it. Surviving a few tantrums and nighttime testing is far better than medication. And he's ready for a little more structure in his day.


So more to come stay tune :)
At least I'm a happy father for a night.

Sharing my daughter funny face here

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