Mar 27, 2009

Usual Friday.. the day before the announcement...Day 16th....

As in my previous post... I did mention about the busy Friday... today no different.. but at least I got alot of things done....
On top of all that, our company actually announce an interesting news...
which impacted alot of people.... our company going to layoff 2700 people..
So... they call it workforce management...when it is a process of restructuring the entire organization....
Ok.. to me.. I had experience this before and to me yes I do believe that this organization need some restructuring... and yes need to trim off some and get the load off and start getting the efficiency to the fast pace... and it require every layer of the organization to work together to get to that fast pace and able to be the top notch company where decision can be made and problem can be solve on the go...

My department head did said... everyone can be replace... and the company don't owe us a living... To me... I do feel like yeah, everyone is dispensable but everyone did contribute to the success of the company and success of the division... Last time in my ex company, I always being told this way and I had been working under that kind of enviroment... and everyday I am making a different in the division.. and that causes me to learn alot.. I mean ALOT... I did not graduate with a Marketing degree.. but I do learn market segments, getting the product positioning , the 4Ps, SWOT analysis, mannaging the channels, dealing with distributors, dealing with manufacturing rep, dealing with different country people as well as customers... from product path finding till product launching and marketing communication, launch plans, trade shows, pre-sales support, application support, and post-sales support... and all under 1 single person... all because I was told no one is indispensable... and until today, I still believe that and I thank God for putting me in that position, and thank the GM that time for giving me a chance to try out new things, of course thank him for giving me a try and believe in me that I can make a difference... So... what is your value to the company?

Beside getting salary and spending 8 hours in the company, what do you live for? If the company one day told you that you are no longer needed... is that what you had expected?

I always believe, and it is the life principle...
If you put your turst in human, human will turn their back to you
If you put your trust in company, company will turn away from you
If you put your trust in money, money will be gone from you
If you put your trust in children, one day children will walk out of your life
If you put your trust in "things", the things will be gone one day

Put your trust in God. As He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.
He is always be there for you, when you are faithless, He is faithful.

1 day till Earth Hour!
Remember to switch OFF :)

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