Aug 28, 2009

Child Development Part 2

Since my last post on child development we touch on the first month of the child development. Now moving towards second and third month. The child suppose to have the following development as well as some of the activities can help.... read it through... :) Enjoy parenting :)

One to Three Months....

Notice hands and feet

- Baby will play with his hands while lying on his tummy.

–Start hand and finger play songs, moving baby’s hand for him.

–Baby will notice his feet when he is sitting in an infant seat or lying on the floor with his feet pulled up

Develop hand-eye coordination and body awareness

- Wrist rattles, shoes with bells, colorful socks

-An infant seat will allow him to see his feet and legs

Recognize sounds

- Talk to the baby as you give him care

-Tell him short stories

-Acknowledge him when you enter or leave the room

Distinguish among sounds and early language development



Vocalize (cooing)Imitate baby’s noise in response Develop language skillsNA
Turn from stomach to back

-Place baby on his stomach with objects on either side to encourage him to reach for them

-Play rolling games -Sit on the floor with the baby and gently rock him back and forth on his sides

Develop back, abdominal, leg and arm musclesNA

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