Sep 1, 2009

Babymoon :)

Since our original Melbourne Trip were unfortunately canceled..we took an alternative of Cuti- Cuti Malaysia :) We both wanted to go somewhere cooling and of course if possible less people so we can enjoy the coolness and also spend some time together as our vacation before the baby come out.... Also spend sometime focusing on God for our new family member's name.
We choosen Genting and Cameron Highlands! For this post will just focus on Genting.

My last visit to Genting was in 1999 (i think) I spend less than 12 hrs there. Be there just to check in, then the place (one of the apartment) was slightly a bit spooky and I just decide not to stay there... from then onwards, never really go up to Genting until 2009 Aug... wow.... 10 yrs apart... Genting had change ALOT... and good that they had less development now and focus alot on the internal ready building and develop the themepark (both outdoor and indoor) they also have alot of shopping outlet. For those who keen for shopping or just for the themepark.. not a bad place to be... the only draw back was the smoke.

As most of you know, Genting is the one and only Casino in Malaysia, and if you notice, most of the gambler smoke.... so.. although the place there got ALOT of NO SMOKING sign, but there are no reinforcement on that. Especially if you walk close to the entrance of the casino, you will smell the cigarette smoke... I dare not go into the casino as i worry i might faint inside :) I wonder if Genting will implement "non-smoking" area for those non smoking gambler :)

Food at Genting seem ok.. not that bad.. price ...EXPENSIVE...almost double the price you can get at normal shop around. BUT if you do have the coupon to dine at their hotel restaurant, it seem reasonable :) We did dine at the hotel restaurant.. and both CM and I are happy couple there :)
Oh did I mention about the normal fish porridge cost RM8.90 per bowl?

Overall we did enjoy our stay over there... don't mind taking my boy there when he is ready for the adventure :) (if given it is another cuti-cuti Malaysia, else maybe will consider Singapore Themepark as I believe it will be more fun over there )

Had some pictures ... all shot in Canon 500D

More photos will be upload later when have the time to resize them :)


AnGeLiNe said...

Wah sounds like a fun holiday! :) Yes, must tell CM to stay away from anywhere with cigarette smoke cos its not good for the baby. I was not allowed anywhere near anyone smoking when I was carrying Hannah. Keep us posted about the baby news ya!

Adventurer said...

sure sure :) hahaha did u hv the high sensitivity when you were carrying Hannah? CM can smell distance away before I can smell it :)

AnGeLiNe said...

Wow she must have a powerful nose :) No I don't remember my nose being so "li hai" :)

meigirl said...

haha... well trained at home de, since our neighbour (i think is staying downstairs one) always smoke at the balcony and we have to suffer when we enjoying TV program at the living hall....