Dec 29, 2009

Farewell 2009

So.. it is down to the last 2 days of 2009... it is time to look back and make a new resolution for 2010...

I'm not really good at tracking events and things.. but I will try my best...
Lets see... 2009..
Jan... Got back from Shanghai trip and had been bz with work.. then come Chinese New Year.. where I think it is our official first time giving Ang Pow ahahah :) but I think they are fun...(we did run away from that last year after our wedding and having our honeymoon at an Island called Sipadan)

Feb... Chiang Mei and I wedding anniversary and we did had our nice retreat at Pangkor Laut can read our experience here I would not mind going back there again... it is really nice recharge on our energy...and of course Clement was conceived in this month :)

Mar... Baby Shanna was borned...Baby 1 Tim 0 :) i still remember that when he mention to me... and alot of "White Flags" hanging at the balcony...This blog also officially support 60mins Earth Hour...Ah... March also a month where Agilent announce the cut of 2700 ppl from their operation.. a so call stressful month for alot of people as well as I changed boss..

Apr... Baby Esrene was borned!!... then Easter

May....we announce our coming new member :) of course we did a small celebration at The View at equatorial hotel. Check them out here

Jun....We had an upclose and personal experience with our Penang CM Lim Guan Eng at Daorae penang... a Korean food restaurant. Check it out here
Also not forgetting my lovely Wife did got my this nice gift that I had been wanting for a very very very very... long time :) a DSLR :) She got my a Canon 500D ! then onwards... it is a revolution in my photography skill :) some nice picture are posted here.

Jul... inspite of H1N1 around the region... we still flew down to Singapore to visit my sister as well as had our vacation at Singapore for few days.. Thanks to my 2nd sister for hosting us :) of course we did hv our nice Chili Crab! :) Oh also found out this Free Online Printing.... (promotion)

Aug... I canceled our trip to Melbourne :( sob sob.. but it was the right decision at the right time... I was down with commonflu...sort of serious as i was on the bed isolated from my pregnant wife that time. As for the air ticket, too bad AirAsia doesn't really care if u are H1N1 or not, there are no refund :(... And as an alternative, we went for Cuti-cuti Malaysia :) to Genting Highland as well as Cameron Highland it was a nice Babymoon for both of us

Sept... ah a nice month where it is MY B'day!! :) and of course also the month that closer to the due date of bb Clement to see the world. We start buying as well as collecting the baby needs.... and Sugarrattle was created in Sept as well! :) visit them here

Oct...Nothing much happen in Oct.. but on top of some pass down from my sisters... we also received gifts from Siew Min and Edwin Hoh...

Nov... the final countdown to days for Clement to meet the world... just days before the due date, we still go to mainland (Bagan Lalang) to eat and visit Gaik Ling.. it was fun a so call last outing before the delivery... and in the begining of 14th of Nov, Baby Clement make his entrance to the world...

Dec... Christmas... and Wife's b'day.. our first 3 in a family together makan outside of the house, a fun and exciting experience for us as a parent... :)

Looking forward for a fun and exciting 2010 !
Ready or not.... 2010 still will come in 48 hrs time... Lets just make a new year resolution and stay with that! :)

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