Jan 21, 2010

Busy days

Today is the first day my wife got back to work after her 2 months maternity leave. So we had been trying to plan or plan to try out different timing that will suit little Clement.

This morning was a wonderful event that Clement actually woke up at 6 and had been playing since then. So we r so happy and get him to complete some of his task :) of course the major one poo poo :) ( doing his big business) oh did I mention before, Clement now sort of potty trained! We r so proud of him. This morning he wait till we bring him the potty and he get his business done there. Nothing on his diaper!
After the big business, I got to have some personal time with him while mummy get to shower. Since it was all mine time, I read to him as well as the daily devotion from the journey. Sometimes by looking at his reaction really make u want to freeze the moment! A father n son moment so blessed and so peaceful.
By the time we r done mummy is ready so it is time for Clement to bath. Daddy n son continue our talking in the toilet and I bath him. Today he is very coperative and he love his bathing time and played in the water. Maybe during weekend will teach him some swimming technic :)
So after his bathing time, is my turn to go shower. While I shower mummy feed little Clement :) all perfect timing! Thank God for that!!

By the time we left home it was around 755am which took us around 20 mins to reach office perfect!

Project 365 day 21
I didn't really took a nice pic but this is Clement when he had fever last thursday.

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