Jan 25, 2010


Over the weekend we had a wonderful bonding time with Clement. He was behaving and also interacting with us. We did alot of new things with him. I learn from the book "How To Teach Your Child to Swim" and practise it on Clement. So on Saturday Clemen had his first experience in the "big pool" it was actually our bath tub :) instead of his own tub d small one we actually filled up our bath tub and I go in together with him. First he was a little tense in the water but after a while he like the experience of going into the big tub. No cry from Clement! Good job! So we will do it like once a week. When Clement in the water, he tend to kick or water threading so I keep his head above the water n his body can automatically float :) cool! A good 20 mins in the water and I call it a day as worried he might get too excited. During the full 15 mins our warm water continue to flow into the tub ao Clement r not cold in there. Will do that more often. :) next will be head going over the water to teach him holding his breath :) that will be next few weeks let him really enjoy d big tub first. Oh did I mention, he got his ducks with him too in the water!

After the swimming session, Clement had his language session. I was introducing him as Clement Chew xue Yi and I'm daddy. Then I point to him again saying xue Yi and me daddy. The 3rd time when I point him n said Xue yi, he followed with the sound xue yi!! I was sooooooo suprise!! And I wake my wife up to ask her to listen to it too.. She was so reluctant and didn't really believe that our son called his own name. Then I try again xue Yi....he responded! Her eye turned big and we tried the third time same. I quickly ask him to say daddy he keep his mouth shut!!! Hmmm ... Seem he know what to say :)
We had more experience with him as he grow up each n everyday. Thank God that this boy bring so much joy to the people around him.

Project 365 day 25
Today we got huge lunch from Agilent. They r celebrating 10 yr anniversary.

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Keep up the good job, daddy! ^_^