Jan 26, 2010

Child Sleeping Time

Sleep time... yeah.. this had always going through my mind how much sleep time is enough for baby. So i had done some research through the web and I come out with very interesting guideline... of course it might not works for every baby in the world but it is just a guideline :)
* different people need different amounts of sleep. The below chart just average people and not the magic numbers that works for the baby. The most important is your child is active during wake time and have energy to play when they are awake :)

AgeNighttime Sleep (hrs)Daytime Sleep (hrs)Total Sleep (hrs)
1 month8.5 (many naps)7.5 (many naps)16
3 months




6 months10-123-4.514.5
9 months113 (2 naps)14
12 months112.5 ( naps)13.5
18 months112.5 (1-2 naps)13.5
2 yrs112 (1 nap)13
3 yrs10.51.5 (1 nap)12

Taken from University of Michigan Health System: Sleep Problems

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