Jan 27, 2010

Happy 101 Award

Ok, this had been slightly past the deadline.... :)

First of all AwayOfMind had give me a Happy 101 Award and I would like to thank her for putting up my blog to be one of the 10 blog that brighten up her day! :) To spread the Love and I will nominate 10 blogs that brighten up my day... :) hmm actually I got more than that... how??

There is conditions with this "Happy 101 Award":-
- Copy the award image into a post (把獎項拷貝放在你的部落)
- List 10 things that make you happy (列出十項令你開心的事)
- Tag 10 bloggers who brighten your day (列出十位點亮你每一天的博友)
- Put in a link to their blog (將獎項的鏈接置放在那十位博友家的留言裡)
- Notify the award receivers (記得到被列出的博友家留言,將喜訊報上哦~)
- Recipients should link back to the sender's blog.(最後,得獎者別忘了連接頒獎給您的博友哦) 10 things that make me happy:

10 things that make me happy:

1. Seeing my baby respond to me and developing all his skills

2. A nice gift from my love one

3. Knowing family are doing well and are healthy

4. Taking good photos

5. My wife are doing well at her workplace

6. My close friends and their children are doing well at work or in their life

7. Sharing new ideas as well as new information on latest technology

8. Can go diving with love one that took away the noises of the land and only the quietness underwater

9. A nice conversation with my wife

10.A fresh brew coffee that fill the room with nice aroma :)

ok... now the 10 blogger who brighten my day




#Project 365 Day 26 a nice wonderful morning that you can see it in theSimpsons :)

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Chloe Khor Yu En (许瑜恩) said...

Item #2 :- a cupcake for you ? ^_^