Jan 31, 2010

Digital life

A long weekend which is a good time to catch up with backlog of video editing as well as photo editing.
Digital medial and social network had been so advance and many ppl had been involving to stay connect and to use the mass network to blast their marketing campiagn. I believe most ppl uses the social network to stay in touch with their friends. Even a grand mother also hv an account in facebool or Myspace. Some might hv multiple account. Our life had been evolve around the social networking. We did post our recent status, we put up picture sharing, we play online games such as restaurant city or mafia wars that involve most of ur friends that can help u out.
So some use those network to advertise since they already had alot of contacts and of course his daily update did send across the message that what he was doing and if u need any advise on that or u need their service u just post it at their wall simple. It also serve as notice board. Last time we used to use email to blast it out to our friends whenever we hv any event or promotion now with those network it spread like a wild fire. First ur friend will sees it, then their friend will sees it too. And it they re post or re tweet, it goes another few layers.
So I wonder in future we all will hv a digital id? Does that means the mark? Or what will lead to? What is life look like in another 10 yrs? U see what we do now our parents had no idea abt it when they r young. And having that now. What will change in the next 10 yrs when our children will face.... Interesting thought to ponder :)

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