Mar 5, 2010

The journey so far

We had past one quarter since he came into our life. The journey was quite interesting and also rewarding. One can be full of joy to see him respond to u, he also can bring down your world by his scream for things that he want (eg: milk and sleep). He love to explore new things, he love to play, he love to be in d bathtub swimming( I'm wondering what is his reaction when he go to the real baby pool) he is a nature person, he love to listen to d bird chip and the sound of the water put an smile on his face. He also love exercise and also he love to meet people. Up to now, he never fail to give a smile to people that he met. Unless he is in his sleep mode or low energy. But sometimes event he is cranky and wanted to sleep, he still being very polite to give them a smile and then protest that he want to sleep.
Sometimes adult might take his politeness for granted but many times they understand :) as of for me, he is just as wonderful. I'm glad that he did alot of his first action with me. And he is funny in some sense as he still learning and cheeky sometimes when he try the short cut way. There are also time that he just being blur maybe due to lack of info to execute the task. By watching him grow, it reflect how wonderful God had made human. Each n every stage of development were carefully arranged.
My son grow up so fast that capturing every moment of his life really require a few terabytes hardisk :) ever since he was a embryo, we had been recording his activity and now he had also of wonderful pictures too. Will be sharing some them later. It's a fun and exciting journey. Words can't really able to tell how much I'm experiencing but by looking at him really take away all my stress as well as worries.

Ps: I had park most of the Project365 in my facebook. Will upload the link there.

At the mean time. In my next post I will post up here on what you all had missout in the Project365.

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