Apr 20, 2010


Everyday in our life we tend to rush throught it with our routine job, our schedule are pack with events and we tend to just use the day like that. Over and over again, day by day, week by week. Did we ever realized that time had pass by us so fast that we don't really grab hold of it?

The people around us are doing the same as well, rushing through their days. So did we ever pulse a moment and slow our pace down to enjoy every second that pass by?

Things like a nice classical music playing through ur home stereo, a cup of fresh brew coffee in ur hand and u are sitting on a rocking chair enjoying the scenery infront of your house. Or watching the kids playing in the field or observing the kids playing in the park. Isn't life is beautiful?

Capturing them into our memories and freeze the moment and keep it. They will be ur treasure before all things fade away...

Life can be quite short, but are you ready? Are you ready when u met with Jesus, what will He said to u? Will it be well done my faithful servant, or will He said I don't know you?

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