Apr 28, 2010

Little ones

It was an interesting moment that it crosses our path. We saw 2 little kitten at the road side. I guess they were checking out the wonderful world where to them r still full of wonderful colors. And as curious as a cat, they jump over to the street and running underneath a stoped vechicle. We were like Oh No! They going to get crushed!!! And since we r waiting at the trafficlight, we still checking if the kitten came out of there. AND, a motorbike rider stop at the middle of the road, bend down and grab the kitten and he walked few steps away from his motorbike and leave the kittens back to the road side.
The kittens were so cute that they followed that guy back to his bike! And that kind man got off the bike and pick them up and go further to make sure they dun follow him.., good move but unfortunately it doesn't work :) the 2 still follow him and tagging on him. In the end, he pick both of them up and ride off :) there they go :) guess they found themselves a new owner :) in less than 2 mins :) I wonder how their life will change... And I wonder if mummy cat will be so sad of her missing kitten.... Anyways it's still better than end up under the car's tyre. :)

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