May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Dear Mother,
Thank you for raising me up to be who I am. Thank you for believe in me and always there to help. Thank you for teaching me the important things that I need in life. Thank you for preparing most of my meals although when young we all don't really like but those were the best homecook meal that we can get, even today your dish still the best!!

To Clement's mother :)
Thank you for this wonderful child. Thank you for taking care of him and thank u for the patient towards him and me :)

To all the mother out there... Happy Mothers day!

"Lord in your wisdom,
you gave us someone. Someone to hold us through the long, lonely nights.
Someone to laugh the silliest things.
Someone to lovingly call out or names.
But most of all Father,
we thank you for Mothers,
who pray for their children, everyday.”

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