May 12, 2010

6th months

Ah! We are half way through for the first year...ever since u were borned, every single day was a blessing and of couse a wonderful joy that u had given to us.

Seeing you growing day by day and learning new things as well as seeing u achieve your milestone make us really glad that you are trying ur best and living up to the name we had placed for u.

You did shocked us but we thank God that His hand was upon you and His protection was always there throughout the time. You had cheer the people around you and bring joy to them.

Once awhile you did let ppl around u know that what u want sometime they just couldn't understand u and u gave them a very direct NO to them :) I like the way you express yourself and love the funny habits u had adopt :)

You had bring so much fun/joy for me and mummy and changed the way of how we view parenting. The journey is just begining and we glad that you had enjoyed that far and we r looking forward for more to come and to learn together with u.

You had grow up at super fast speed and ur kicks r getting stronger each day. I hope my tummy can still handle ur kick or
I got to train up my 6 pack to make sure no injuries to myself :) sooner u will be having ur first solid and ur little tooth will be coming out. Those are the next few challenges that we will go through it together.

Oh ya, ur hair had grown alot! And we were thinking if we want to hv a beckham's hairstyle :) but we sort of worry u might be too hot having long hair :)

Have fun :) thank you for the fun journey :)

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My Space said...

Gabriel said to Clement "baby, dirty!" Hahaha fingers in the mouth please ^_^