May 10, 2010

Baby & TV

I know... I'm a person that glued to TV... TV play a major role in my life while growing up.
I live and learn alot from TV.. ever since the time I can remember, most of the show/ cartoon / comedy / documentary I will remember .. unless they are soooooo boring that got thrown behind my brain.. which I totally forgot what I had watched.

Recently my brother-in law (a Dr to be....) send me this article from Medical News... It was about the study of Early Exposure to TV on kids that was done by a few universities..such as University of Michigan, Universite de Montreal, and Sainte- Justine University Hospital Research Center. The goal of the study was to determine the impact of TV exposure at age 2 on future academic success, lifestyle choices and general well being among children.

Here are a bit of the summaries that I learn from the article. They found that every additional hour of TV exposure among toddlers corresponded to a future decrease in classroom engagement and success at math, increased vicimization by classmate, have a more sedentary lifestyle, higher consumption of junk food and higher body mass index!

So... below are adapted from the article statistic
1) 7% decrease in classroom engagement
2) 6% decrease in math achievement (with no harmful effects on later reading)
3) 10% increase in victimization by classmate (peer rejection, bing teased, assaulted or insulted by other students)
4) 13% decrease in weekend physical activity
5) 9% decrease in general physical activity
6) 0% higher consumption of soft drinks
7) 10% peak in snacks intake
8) 5% increase in BMI

Glup!.... means Clement going to be very long away from TV before he can first enjoy his program!



Julia said...

I don't deny scientific reports, but we need to understand the sample taken (Caucasian? Asian), family upbringing etc. I believe in moderation. There are a lot of reports out there and if we were to follow, our children will grow up "custom made". just my opinion though :)

My Space said...

yes, I read the article in Strait Times, it also mentioned about the reduce in physical activity during toddler days >>> means the toddler will get bully often while growing up.