May 20, 2010

Bz days

Mid of the years usually a bz month for me... As alot of preparation for next year plans as well as measured on the first half and how we will perform on the 2nd half. Will the business goes well or bad... Seeing how the global economy as well as market trend and with the info analyzed them and do some risk calculation (of course) and propose some plans. Simple right? WRONG!!! It is way different! Info n data of future are not as simple as it gets... We don't hold a crystal ball an look into it... And as engineer background, we need fact data...
I remember I read somewhere that, marketing is an art. There are no right or wrong... It is the art of doing it now and base on the plans that are executed, the result tha had been measured that achiving it or failing it. Of course, failing now does now mean it will always fail.. As time pass, it might turn around and make alot of the profit out of it. That's why, marketing is an art :)

I had been in this field for some time. I did learn alot especially creating new platform and getting it into the market. Of course there r ups n downs in things tha we do for our living, which is why we got our brain to think through how we can overcome and bring ourselves to next level.

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Jason said...

nice job. u can never go wrong.. just say wait and see.