May 31, 2010


As time past..he had grow up well... Now he is able to sit and play his own toy.. And on and off he still fall sideways but a good progress. Also he able from sitting position turn into a crawling position.
As for crawling, still on the caterpiler crawl :) but he is able to reach his destination and grab his toy :) and very fast too :)

Over the long weekend we brought him to botanical garden... A place he love alot. Fresh air... Alot of green... People and monkeys... This round he able to go for the longer path and enjoy it.


Me! said...

wow Clement grows so big now! Time flies!!

Adventurer said...

Erm he is already 6 months plus but his weight n length r a bit at the older side :) the power of breastfeeding baby hahahah :)